Student Scholarships

The Student Scholarship is an annual award presented to 1 student from each LAPCAE Region that has successfully passed the HiSET exam and is currently enrolled or plans to enroll in a post-secondary institution. To be eligible, a student must have:

  • Passed the HiSET between January 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.
  • Been enrolled in an Adult Education Program at the time of testing
  • Earned a minimum scaled score of 60 (test scores must be included with the application)
If you meet this criteria, you can apply using the form below. All applications will be reviewed by the LAPCAE Board of Directors, and 1 candidate per region will be awarded the $500 scholarship at the annual conference in August. Upon proof of enrollment in a post-secondary institution, the award is presented to the institution or student.
Deadline to apply: July 15, 2015

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Our Mission

The Louisiana Association for Public, Community and Adult Education (LAPCAE) promotes parish and state educational opportunities for all persons who are directly or indirectly related to the education of adult learners. The association

  • provides leadership in advancing the community, technical, basic and remedial education of adults by unifying the profession, providing professional development opportunities, funding educational research, communicating relevant legislation news to educators, providing scholarships to adult learners, and recognizing top state educators;
  • promotes adult literacy, basic education, GED preparation programs, community education, technical education, special education, English as a second language (ESL), and other programs which assist adults to function and advance in society,
  • sponsors and conducts an annual state conference and other activities which provide professional development and networking opportunities for adult basic, technical, and community educators and administrators; and 
  • advocates the importance of the interests and needs of adult learners and LAPCAE members to state agencies and state legislators for local organizations and the general public.